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Examinees from the National Capital Region and Central Visayas topped the Fire Officer Exam (FOE) and Penology Officer Exam (POE), respectively.

Garnering a rating of 90.11, Angelo C. Panado topped the FOE, while Jessie A. Coles topped the POE with a rating of 91.11.  

A total of 806 examinees passed the FOE, posing a passing rate of 29.41 percent, while 278 made it to the POE, a passing rate of 30.05 percent, for the exams conducted in selected regions on March 2. 

Completing the list of Top 10 examinees for the FOE are: Ryan S. Travilla (Davao Region) and Romie J. Tungpalan (Ilocos Region) – 88.60, Ardenton C. Sardido (Central Visayas) – 88.39, Jonathan V. Lanzaderas (Davao Region) – 88.17, Kevin A. Valdez (Cagayan Valley) – 87.96, Roldan Mark E. Bona (Bicol Region) and John Varenz M. Montero (NCR) – 87.53, Prometheus R. Nadurata (NCR) – 87.10, John Zepprianne P. Olegario (NCR) and Diana Jean A. Tobella (NCR) – 86.67, Roseanne E. Lumaad (Davao Region) and Cristo Rey O. Suralta (Davao Region) – 86.45, and Genly V. Quilloy (Bicol Region) – 86.24.  

For the POE: Syren B. Rebusquillo (Bicol Region) – 90.86, Roberto Crisanto L. Alpon III (Central Visayas) and Jeanefer M. Llanes (NCR) – 90.37, Grace V. Jonson (NCR) – 90.12, Claire T. Villagomeza (CARAGA) – 89.88, Ethel K. Añosa (Davao Region) and Reina D. Estipona (Davao Region) – 89.38, Abigail Joy A. Dincog (Ilocos Region)– 88.89, Amy Lyn L. Alve (Central Visayas) – 88.64, Renante C. Dulpina (CARAGA) and Roy I. Mutya (Central Visayas) – 88.40, and Bruce Eric Gideon T. Zabala (Central Visayas) – 87.90. 

Based on regional profiles, a bulk of the new Fire Officer eligibles, numbering 193 or 23.94 percent of the total FOE passers, came from Northern Mindanao. On the other hand, passers of the POE are concentrated in NCR where 85 or 30.58 percent came from.

Meanwhile, the profile of passers showed that both examinations were dominated by males, registering at 556 for the FOE and 198 for the POE, against 249 FOE female passers and 80 POE female passers. 

Majority of passers for both FOE and POE belonged to age bracket 25 to 31 years and listed entrance to service as their primary reason for taking the examinations.

A higher number of POE passers chose Metro Manila and Luzon areas as their place of work, while a bulk of FOE passers cited Mindanao area as their preferred place of work. 

The resulting eligibilities, which are the Fire Officer Eligibility and the Penology Officer Eligibility, are both second level eligibilities that are appropriate for second level ranks in the fire protection and jail management and penology services, respectively, and other functionally related services. The appropriateness of these eligibilities, though, does not include ranks under the Philippine National Police.

The complete list of successful examinees of the March 2 FOE and POE may be accessed at the CSC website www.csc.gov.ph

For requirements and procedures on the release of the Certificate of Eligibility, passers are advised to contact the CSC Regional Office concerned.